There is no depth you can go to escape

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There was a darkness that crept upon the

crevices of the world,

it was here that

those people hid,

hiding from the truth and a promise made

so very long ago.

A little boy stuck between two places

that should have always

been simple.

A love with no consequence




They walk by me, those lovebirds in twos and threes

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They walk by me,

hand in hand,


trapped in the bonds

of their ecstasy.

Walking by me in twos and threes,

making me wonder

when will it be my turn.

To meet someone

who is my other half,

my hearts only joy,

the chocolate to my vanilla.

Where is…



Apr 1

Those lies you tell while weaving such fantasies…

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Those lies you tell

become ever so seductive,

trapped in dreams of


Bitter dreams

that take more than they give,

of sweet tender moments that should never be.

Those indulgent decadent fantasies

weave a life that we can never have.

Moments lost.

Moments forgotten in times cruel




There was a silence in the forest before the storm broke…

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A silence broke out in the forest,

minutes before the storm broke.

It was as if the forest had taken a breath,

the animals hiding in crevices and hidey holes,

as if they could sense the evilness that was about to


The silence echoed within the forest,

as a…



Why Not Take A Chance

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Why not fall in love,

why not take a chance,

there was once a time,

I might have said that,

but gone are the days

where I waited for you

to give a chance,

to see me in a new light.

You made all the wrong choices,

and cast me…



I have loved you and only you…

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We have been bonded,

by rings,

and flowers.

By vows of love,

promises never meant to be


Forever together,

I promise to love you

and only you,

until we both depart,

was the promise that was made

with tear dripped sighs.

Our promise sealed with a kiss,

a true…



It sat there waiting to be played…

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It sat there,

day after day,

gathering dust,

the weight of memories,

of moments passed,

a bond of mother and son,

lost to pain,

and regret.

The song that had been forgotten so

long ago,

until one day a light spread upon its

dark face,

a hand,

both familiar and…



Call me from whence you came…

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There are endless shadows

between you and me,

they call to me,

to return to where you’ve gone.

They claw out from the dark

forever reaching for the light.

Those inky remembrances

call me from whence

you came.

Call me to return you,

to your dark abyss.

Or to languish…



Always watching over her Piano Man

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When she had been down below on earth,

she burned brightly

a star that flitted through life,

a girl

joyous and free.

She burned brightly, knowing her time

was limited.

She pushed herself to fulfill all the wishes

of her heart.

Even saving the one she had always loved






Nicole Maharaj

Nicole Maharaj

I bleed out my soul in my writing, in these pages you will find poems and short stories fantastical in nature and completely fictional. And some reviews too!