An ode to my favorite speedster

In a world,
where people flash-forward,
and backward in time,
meeting your future daughter
is just another day
in the world of the Flash.
The daughter of Barry Allen
and Iris West
sped into our screens,
with such flair
and finesse,
while also being an awkward mess,
she stole our hearts,
with her whispers,
of a future not yet seen,
we felt her pain,
when she spoke of her mother’s betrayal,
or the sorrow she had at never meeting her
we laughed with her
as she realized just how great
her mother was,
as the Flash’s partner,
and we…

His eyes were dark and haunted, they seemed to follow me wherever I went

He was haunted,

his eyes dark

and solemn

seemed to follow me

wherever I went

that devil who

followed me

in the dark alleys

of my hometown,

the dark avenues of the city

where I worked.

His eyes always following

me wherever I went,

I knew that he was always there,

always the faithful protector

since I was younger,

he had been mated to me

so long ago,

I knew that one day he would

be ascended into

an Alpha

with me by his side as his


Then he would have no need to

follow me

I would be…

An ode to Fitzsimmons of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

In the beginning,

they were just partners in crime,

two brilliant scientists,

too smart not to be together,

then as time went by,

and they were involved in

mission after mission,

they started to become more,

until they were separated,

one unsure of how to behave with

the other,

until finally an understanding is struck

only for them to be torn apart again,

time after time

always separated,

by time and space

until together they were

bound in holy matrimony,

not just partners in crime,

but partners in life as well.

Even with the world at stake,

they still found…

Falling in love is easy as breathing but so hard to get rid of

Falling in love,

takes little

to nothing,

it’s a move

as quick as breathing,

a slight touch,

a too-long look,

a heart skipping a beat,

as eyes meet across a distance,

sometimes love

is returned,

and at other times

love is hopeless and frail,

lost in the feelings

that could never be.

Falling for you was as

hopeless as hopeless could be.

I could never tell you,

even when you had already found out,

secrets never to be kept

in a place where rumors

were passed

like cigarettes,

I could barely talk to you,

both of us skirting each other,

Before she used her powers to enslave people she had been a kind soul

Once before,

she was an evil

sorceress of the deep,

she had been regaled as one of

the chosen daughters

of Poseidon,

one with a beautiful

mane of dark hair,

and ivory skin,

until she had chosen to

live among the creatures

of the sea

and forsake her father,

for the King of Atlantis

the Lord Triton,

that had bedecked her in all the


and balls she could have ever wanted,

until his eye had strayed

to the red-haired beauty

that would become his wife.

The sea witch

then became Ursula

a dark,

angry witch

who bargained with people

The Apples were all poisoned, all turned black and melting beneath her fingertips

Those apples had been as red

as the dark stain that

fell on her lips.

Those poisoned apples

rotten to the core,

each apple falling from the

tree the Queen had grown since she was


a failed curse,

as Snow White still lived

to torment her,

she was the forgotten Queen,

the one that no one cared about

she might have lips as red as the red rose,

but that was the only similarity between

her and the lovely snow.

She walked past her rotten apples

her movements

the walk of a wraith

of someone long dead,

the truth…

He was supposedly a good man, but all I saw was his treachery

Roshani studied his profile from afar. She had been traveling with him and his guard for what seemed forever. Everyone from noble birth all the way to the lowest serf extolled his virtues. To them, he was a good man.


All she ever saw was his treachery. The blood that stained his hands in a way that could never become clean. He had fought many wars, destroyed countless of homes like Roshani’s. Poor villages on the outskirts of everything. If she had a choice, she would’ve chosen to stay in the defenseless hovel they had found her in. She…

Nicole Maharaj

Find the hook and Sink it! Hi. Author of two fantasy novels over here. Working on a Romance for Harlequin Desire at the moment. VIVA LA REVOLUTION !!!

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