Do I even have a right to miss you

Photo by Joe Pearson on Unsplash

Can you miss something that was never yours?

Can you ache for that empty space in your bed,

that ache in your soul that belongs to someone else,

someone you haven’t even met yet.

Can you miss arms that you have never held.

Miss a person who was barely there,

A story of witches and vampire kings

Photo by Justin Arkinson on Unsplash

The cavern slowly filled with Witches of every size and shape. Deborah and Lucille watched warily as more of them came through. This was starting to look worse than just bad. They exchanged glances, Lucille glancing upwards, at where Basilius the Vampire King stood watching the Witches gather. “I know…

I laid down the rules at your feet and you trampled on them all

Photo by Elisey Vavulin on Unsplash

If there was one more thing I could tell you,
would I be able to?
Would it just be a string of furious words,
that made little to no sense?
Or would I gather and tell you everything I should,
or would I see you again
and be lost for words,
lost in your eyes,
in that steady way you spoke,
as if you had always been so innocent,
and I was the one that failed the test.
If I gave you a message in a bottle
it would say all the things I never could,
all the failings
I’ve ever had,
about us,
all the wishes
I had always hoped would work,
all the dreams
that never came true.
The love I had for you that faded into
a sad remembrance.

Deep in the forest, a creature lurked…

Photo by ActionVance on Unsplash

In the darkest part of the forest, a creature lurked, shimmering with gold, its pale skin peeking out in the evergreen petals of the forest. Teagan walked through the limbs of the trees of the forest, walking carefully across the branches that intercrossed the roof of the forest. She walked…

Nicole Maharaj

I bleed out my soul in my writing, in these pages you will find poems and short stories fantastical in nature and completely fictional. And some reviews too!

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