If it was, there would be more dead bodies

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“I stand by my earlier statement. He’s definitely dead. No one would’ve stayed quiet for that idiotic conversation.” Ash pointed…

It’s Quiet here, always quiet in the gloom of this ever grey landscape

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A look at Netflix’s Stranger Things

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The Blackbird Falls

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The Punisher’s Billy Russo

Photo by Syarafina Yusof on Unsplash

A cursed Princess that never got her crown

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A look at Tricia Levenseller’s Pirate King Series

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Ayla has regrets

Photo by Theo Eilertsen Photography on Unsplash

Cursed Love: You never know how you will fall in love

Photo by Alessia Cocconi on Unsplash

A Fiction as all things are

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Nicole Maharaj

Find the hook and Sink it! Hi. Author of two fantasy novels over here. Working on a Romance for Harlequin Desire at the moment. VIVA LA REVOLUTION !!!

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